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InLei® Lash Filler Training

InLei® Lash Filler Training

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In-person InLei® Lash Filler training with Elyshia Jones.

LOCATION: Elyshia Jones Brow Studio & Academy 

Shop 8/110 Laver Drive Robina 

You will discover all the secrets of the revolutionary treatment that changed the history of lash treatments, the first in the world to have scientifically proven its effectiveness to thicken natural eyelashes by 24%.

Join us for a 2-day training in which we will explore the official InLei® Lash Filler working protocol from a chemical and technical point of view: only by knowing it perfectly will you be able to get the most out of each treatment and guarantee an amazing result to your customers. 

Our course includes two-day face-to-face training and certification program where we will go through all the theory of the chemical processes that take place during Lash Filler treatment and will have 2 models to practice our new skill to get you feel confident providing the service. The class will have limited participants to ensure everyone gets detailed attention and there when you need. 

The training also includes a full kit that is enough for 30 treatments. We will also provide a detailed manual that you can refer to after the training.

The kit includes:


• 1 x InLei® FORM 1 - permanent eyelash

• 1 x InLei® FIX 2 - eyelash fixation

• 1 x InLei® FILLER 3 - eyelash filler

• 1 x InLei® FIXING GEL - water-soluble glue for eyelashes

• 1 x InLei® TOTAL - 8 pairs of different curlers in high-quality platinum silicone

• 1 x InLei® FILLERING - eyelash tool

• 1 x InLei® HELPER - revolutionary comb to align the lashes on the curler

• 1 x InLei® SOLO - solution or dye bowl

• 1 x InLei® SHINY BLACK - black tint for eyelashes and eyebrows

• 1 x InLei® DEVELOPER CREAM 1,5% 5 Vol. - oxidant in cream for tint


• 1 x InLei® F BRUSH (2 pieces)

• 1 OFFICIAL InLei® Lash Filler STICKERS

• 1 x InLei® promotional pen with personalized brand print

• 1 x InLei® Lash Filler CERTIFICATE in international format


Our InLei® certificate gives you the opportunity to professionally perform InLei Lash Filler treatment.

This certificate of completion will ensure the quality of training you have completed. Venue location: Elyshia Jones Brow Studio & Academy 

Shop 8/110 Laver Drive Robina 

To secure your spot, a $750 deposit is required which is refundable if you cancel no less than 7 days before the course. The remaining balance will be due to be paid 7 day before start date.


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  • 📆 Remaining Due 7 Days Prior

    After Purchase the remaining balance will be invoiced to provided email.

    The remaining balance will need to be finalised 7 days prior to your training date. If balance remains outstanding, your course will be cancelled and deposit forfeited.

  • 📜Certificate Of Completion

    On your final day you will receive a framed certificate of completion.

    All courses with Elyshia Jones Brow Academy are not accredited.

  • 🚫 No Guarantee

    Elyshia Jones Brow Academy does not guarantee and is not responsible for the students success, career, employment or skill, this is the students responsibility.