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Entering the brow industry

New to the brow world, then our Master All Beginner- intermediate course is for you.

Covering the fundamentals you need to offer clients the best service. Setting your new business or career path up for success!

Completed an online course but don't feel confident

Congratulation on taking the first step in your new venture! Now lets build that confidence with hands on training.

Our Pro Upskill or Lamination course is for you, where we focus 90% on practical allowing you to master your techniques.

Feel like you need more time? Our Master All 2 day course is also suitable.

Wanting to upskill

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow" a quote we live by at EJBA.


  • Pro Upskill intermediate - advance
  • Lamination intermediate - advance 
  • Customise

Beauty therapist wanting to specialise in brows

Have the beauty background but want to specialise and charge your worth?


  • Pro Upskill intermediate - advance 
  • Lamination intermediate - advance 
  • Customise

Offer lash extension and wanting to add brow services

Having client experience and working with the eye area will help you take to brows quickly!

To receive the most out of your experience with EJBA we recommend  to have a "beginner" mindset. Learning both the fundamentals and skills to offer your clients the best service.


Master All Beginner - Intermediate


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  • High Return

    Charge your worth and make your weekly income in one day! Feel the abundance of money flow and live your dream life!

  • Flexibility

    Set your own hours, work less, and have more time to spend with your loved ones. All your future holiday requests are approved!

  • Rewarding

    Begin every day with gratitude because you love the life you have created, by giving people their confidence back!

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